Calorad FAQ’s

What is Calorad®?

The collagen in natural Calorad® supports lean muscle, which in turn facilitates “fat” loss.* Collagen is a protein that makes up about 30-40 percent of your body (Reference: Hall, D. A. (ed) (1964) International Review of Connective Tissue Research, Vol. 2, F. Verzár, Aging of the Collagen Fiber, Academic Press, New York, p. 244 top paragraph.) . Collagen is a natural component in our tendons, joints, ligaments, muscles, hair, etc. As we age, our bodies no longer produce the same level of collagen or amino acids. Major results of collagen loss are wrinkles, breakdown of lean muscle and connective tissue, increase in fat tissue.

Calorad offers collagen replacement which helps to restore the collagen that you lose as you age; therefore, helping to increase lean muscle, decrease fat, increase energy, and slow the aging process.* Calorad contains collagen which is extremely rich in the essential amino acids Glycine and L-Lysine HCL and more. Created by Nutri Diem, who is the manufacturer of Calorad. Our Calorad® customers express their love and excitement for how Calorad® helps with loss of inches and energy, and much more!* Calorad® is a liquid dietary supplement composed primarily of 3,000 mg (3 grams) of Type II hydrolyzed collagen (hydrolysate) from either beef (bovine) or tuna (marine) sources. Over 12 million bottles sold! Calorad® has an over 32 year success history. *Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

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