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Why is Obesity Such a Problem?
Facts, Questions, and Answers on the Calorad® Advanced Product/Program.

We North Americans have a problem.

It's been over 25 years since the fitness revolution began. We go to gyms, eat right, eat fat-free foods, skip meals, drink diet colas and diet soft-drinks by the gallon, take supplements, and spend over 40 billion a year on weight loss and fitness. All to look and feel good.

But it isn't working.

We are losing the battle. Over 1/3 of all North Americans are overweight, and 37.4 million of us are OBESE (35% or more overweight). In 1997, we were (on average) 8 pounds heavier than we were in 1985. What about you? 

The news gets worse: In a report issued October 9, 2000 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (and reported in U.S. News and World Report on October 16, 2000), an epidemic of obesity clearly "threatens the health of millions of Americans, accounting for an estimated 300,000 deaths a year." In the report, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) compared current (1999) rates of obesity with past numbers (1991 rates) and found four states (Michigan, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Mississippi) with obesity rates over 15% in 1991. Eight years later, the CDC found that 42 states had obesity rates over 15%!

This creates huge health risks.

Severely overweight people run twice the risk of getting cancer, three times the risk of getting heart disease and up to 40 times the risk of developing diabetes. And in some crazy way we are all losing not only our physical health but our emotional well-being. We carry around the burden of the 10 or 15 extra pounds and pay the price with each bite of food.

Why is this happening?

It's not our fault. The world has changed and we must adapt. Our bodies were made to expend more calories throughout the day. Modern technology and our new more sedentary lifestyles have created this dilemma. And modern technology along with Mother Nature has given us the solution. It's a product called Calorad® Advanced, distributed by a company called "Inflammation Solutions, LLC d.b.a. Asantae". 

What is Calorad® Advanced? How does it increase your metabolism?

Would you like to lose weight without dieting or meal-skipping? Calorad® Advanced is a nutritional supplement with a 30-year safety and effectiveness track-record, and has been used by millions of people world-wide. Calorad® Advanced is formulated to support your body, maintaining its optimum balance for healthy weight. This collagen protein collagen hydrolysate formula is easily digested and supplies your body with very important nutrients to help your body to maintain collagen production. Calorad® Advanced nutritionally feeds your body, which allows it to support itself in maintaining or increasing your lean muscle tissue, which helps your body to utilize fat and sugar effectively as well as supporting your body’s natural mechanisms. Increasing lean muscle tissue allows your body to burn more calories (increase your metabolism) while at rest, so if you don't increase your calorie intake, increased lean muscle tissue can result in burning more calories even while you sleep! For those who are underweight or in good physical condition, Calorad® Advanced encourages your body to reach its highest level of vitality, without additional loss of lean muscle mass, which frequently occurs during "dieting".

The Futuristic Formula

Calorad® Advanced is a natural product that does not stimulate, starve or trick your body into weight loss. This breakthrough formula feeds your body with a collagen protein supplement. Calorad® Advanced nutritionally supports your body’s ability in utilizing fat.

A 20-year-old has firmer skin and tighter muscles than a 60-year-old because your body’s collagen production slows with age. Calorad® Advanced supplies the body with very important nutrients that help maintain the body’s ability to maintain collagen production. Unlike any collagen product on the market today, Calorad® Advanced is the result of a unique formula and process designed by Michel Grisé after many years of research and use in the agricultural industry.

Most dramatic caloric reduction diets today trick your body into weight loss and in the process, sacrifice a high percentage of lean muscle mass (calorie burning tissue). Fitness studies and clinical studies with collagen proteins conducted over the last 25 years indicate that an increase in lean muscle generally helps the body to utilize fats and sugars more efficiently.

Calorad® Advanced supports lean muscle, which in turn facilitates "fat" loss. Consequently, it helps people lose inches. In fact, many may lose a dress or pant size before noticing any difference on the bathroom scale. Benefits vary for each person. Some may notice results in the first week, while others may not see a difference until later.

The use of Calorad® Advanced does not require calorie counting, restricted diets or exercise. However, we still recommend maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in moderate exercise for maximum results and overall health.

Calorad® Advanced is a safe and effective product with a proven record of wellness success. The uses of this product are wide in spectrum. It provides a special fuel that each body can utilize for its own highest good. Today, many health practitioners and consumers are utilizing Calorad® Advanced as their foundation nutritional supplement along with any other fitness program or supplements they may be using.

The History of Calorad® and the Chubby Chickens:

30 years ago, Michel Grise, a brilliant Canadian formulator who was working for Abbott laboratories of Canada at the time, was asked to formulate a product that would eliminate the "fatty syndrome" in poultry. (Fat chickens stop laying eggs, and their meat has lower market value.) Michel had seen earlier research on collagen and weight loss, and he developed a collagen-based formula that was completely safe as a feed additive, fed the product to the chickens, and within days, the fat was gone and the chickens and the chicken farmers were happy!!

That's great for chickens, but how about us?

That's were the really great news begins. Due to the dramatic success of the product, Michel decided to reformulate the product for humans, naming it, " Calorad®". Michel tested Calorad® on himself and had an internal medicine physician monitor his progress and the safety of the product. The doctor was amazed at Michel's results. Michel lost 30 pounds of fat without losing any lean muscle. In fact, to his excitement, he gained lean muscle in his chest. Michel reported to us: "By simply taking a tablespoon of Calorad® with a glass of water on an empty stomach each night just prior to going to sleep, I lost fat, weight and gained more muscle tone. Calorad® worked!!! That was 20 years ago!! Since then literally hundreds of thousands of people have achieved dramatic fitness and wellness results by using Calorad®.

Sound too good to be true?

That's what we said before we reviewed the information and received the results for ourselves!! Our results have been phenomenal, and too good not to share with you! We ship Calorad® Advanced to your door in 2-6 business days at the lowest price available in North America and Canada. Guaranteed.

How Does Calorad® Advanced Work?

Calorad® Advanced is not only designed to reduce body fat, but is also designed to help your body to release its naturally produced HGH (human growth hormone). When you take Calorad® Advanced on an empty stomach at night or upon arising in the morning, the amino acid complex will stimulate your pituitary gland to naturally release the HGH it produces. The primary ingredient in Calorad® Advanced (Collagen hydrolysate) also works as a "carrier molecule" for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by a mechanism of action that is similar to the way that insulin works with glucose at the cellular level. A diabetic lacks insulin and his cells are starving even though they are bathed in a sea of glucose. Glucose (sugar) levels rise in diabetes, but in the blood only. The cells of a diabetic are starved for glucose because this glucose is unable to be efficiently absorbed by the cell. A severe diabetic must receive insulin to live. Insulin is the "carrier molecule" that facilitates the entrance of glucose into the cell. Similarly, HGH levels decline as we age, and require collagen as the carrier molecule into the cell. Human Growth hormone is essential for maintaining our lean muscle mass. As we age, HGH levels decline, we lose lean muscle, and we begin to gain fat, since we lose the ability to burn 50 calories at rest with every pound of lean muscle we lose! Since Calorad® supplies collagen, and has been associated with lean muscle gain on a scale which clearly exceeds the caloric and protein content of the supplement, the collagen in Calorad® Advanced may be facilitating the entrance of HGH into the cell, where muscle-building and protein synthesis may be stimulated. HGH levels are highest during the first 40 to 90 minutes of sleep, and the manufacturer of Calorad® Advanced claims that the product is most effective when taken on an empty stomach right before bedtime. An empty stomach would facilitate rapid absorption of the collagen proteins into the bloodstream where they would be available to facilitate HGH absorption into the cells of the body during the first hour and a half of sleep. This probably accounts for both the muscle gain and weight loss seen with Calorad® Advanced.

What is Calorad® (now called Calorad® Advanced)?

The original Calorad was called Calorad in the beginning, then evolved to Calorad 2000 in the year 2000 with a new label. Consumers demanded a daytime formula due to hectic schedules and life-styles and the inability to use the Calorad at night. This resulted in Calorad PM and Calorad AM. These are all the same product. EYI, had exclusive rights to the Calorad in the beginning and was the sole marketer for the Calorad products. 

EYI (Essentially Yours Industry, Inc.) closed their doors on April 02, 2009. Michel Grise has renamed his original Calorad and given exclusive rights to a new company called Inflammation Solutions, LLC d.b.a. Asantae. Inflammation Solutions, LLC d.b.a. Asantae now has the exclusive rights to Michel Grise's Calorad formulation. Michel Grise has chosen to name the collagen-based product ~ Calorad Advanced. It is the same original Calorad with a new company. The Asantae Company has its own 15 year success history and has been carrying its own line of products HeartShot and Asantae Juice. Calorad® Advanced is now on board with these other wonderful products. Dr. Lundell is part of Asantae. He is a cardiologist who has preformed over 5,000 heart surgeries. He is the inventor of the product, HeartShot.

What is the difference between Calorad® Advanced Bovine (beef) and Calorad® Advanced Marine (fish)?

Each 1/2 liter bottle of Calorad® Advanced Bovine (Beef) and Calorad® Advanced Marine (Fish) contains collagen hydrolysate, as the active ingredient. Calorad® Advanced Bovine (collagen source is beef) Formulation and Calorad® Advanced Marine (collagen source is tilapia fish) Formulation both contain collagen from certified sources. The Calorad® Advanced Bovine collagen is taken from the connective tissue of certified Canadian source cows (found between the meat and the skin). The Calorad® Advanced Marine collagen is taken from the connective tissue of tilapia fish (found between the meat and the skin). Both have a pleasant lemonade flavor. Testimonials report that both formulas help folks with joint problems. FYI/Note: All of the raw materials used in our products are Canadian based. We use Canadian cows because they are held to very stringent health standards. Further, the company's raw materials have been certified for material safety and are 100% safe and free of BSE. Additionally, none of our products have been held up, delayed or treated untowardly by US customs. We have had zero issues and no border alerts.

Calorad® Advanced Marine Formulation, is prepared from collagen from fish (Tilapia). Marine Calorad® Advanced has a pleasant lemonade flavor. There is no mercury in the Marine formula. Both formulas work the same and taste the same.

Can the Calorad® Advanced be used in the daytime?

Calorad® Advanced replaces both Calorad PM and Calorad AM so you only need one product for your NIGHT TIME and DAYTIME needs. 

Because Calorad® Advanced (original PM formulation) must be taken on an empty stomach (three hours without eating prior to bedtime), many individuals involved in todays' hectic lifestyles have difficulty with this restriction. Often people who work late must eat as late as 10 or 11 PM...and the option of waiting until 1 or 2 AM to retire is not a desireable one. Many people were unable to take the original Calorad® PM formulation for that reason. Now, Michel Grise, the formulator of Calorad® Advanced, has developed the formulation to be taken night or day... customer's choice". Bedtime: Calorad® Advanced can be taken at bedtime, as usual. Wait 3 hours after your last meal/food intake and take Calorad® Advanced as the very last thing before laying your head on your pillow to go to sleep. Daytime: Can take 1/2 hour prior to breakfast (to be properly absorbed by the body). Helps with appetite suppression and energy. Before Meals: Can be taken in the daytime 15 minutes prior to meals for appetite supression. Calorad® Advanced offers you MAXIMUM flexibility with your schedule!

Take Calorad® Advanced at NIGHT TIME. The Traditional Way on an empty stomach just prior to turning out the lights and going to sleep. 
If taking the Calorad® Advanced at night does not work for your life-style, you can use the same Calorad Advanced in the DAYTIME (taken 3 times a day BEFORE meals to suppress your appetite). 

Do I have to diet or exercise when using Calorad® Advanced?

Eating a balanced diet and exercise are good for you and we do recommend it, plus exercise will help speed up your results, but they are not required in order for our product to work. Results may vary depending on your habits.

Will the weight that I lose come back after going of the product?

Calorad® Advanced is designed to produce gradual, safe weight loss, and to replace fat with healthy lean muscle. One lean muscle is increased, your metabolic rate is increased. The fat will will stay off if you control your eating habits. After all, if you don't change the habits that got you there in the first place, the weight may eventually come back.

Will Calorad® Advanced keep me awake at night?

No, actually Calorad® Advanced is designed to help promote a deep restful REM sleep. If you experience sleeplessness, it just may be due to the fact that you have increased energy and simply need less sleep, or may be due to the fact that you are going to bed on an empty stomach. In time, your body will adjust and it will not be a problem. You will sleep more soundly and better than you ever did before. We guarantee it.

Options Other Than Not Eating 3 Hours Prior to Bed-Time?

Because Calorad® Advanced, the original formulation, was made to be taken on an empty stomach (three hours without eating prior to bedtime), many individuals involved in todays' hectic lifestyles have difficulty with this restriction. Often people who work late must eat as late as 10 or 11 PM...and the option of waiting until 1 or 2 AM to retire is not a desireable one. Many people were unable to take the original Calorad® for that reason. Now, Michel Grise, the formulator of Calorad® (now called Calorad Advanced), has developed the formula to be taken at bedtime (works the same way as usual) OR during the daytime. Customer's choice! The Calorad Advanced is formulated to assist with appetite suppression and increased energy when used during the daytime. Morning: take 1 tablespoon of Calorad Advanced 1/2 hour before eating your breakfast/coffee to allow the Calorad® Advanced to be properly absorbed by your body. Before Meals: take 1 teaspoon of Calorad Advanced 15 minutes prior to your meals. When the Calorad® Advanced is used at bedtime, it enters the body during the delta mode of sleep (first 90 minutes of sleep when the body goes into repair from the day's wear and tear) and uses the fat stores for its energy source to build lean muscle and increase your metabolism. When used at nighttime, you also benefit from daytime energy and appetite suppression. Calorad® Advanced offers you MAXIMUM flexibility with your schedule!

What is Collagen and Why is it in Calorad® Advanced?

Collagen is the active ingredient "our miracle ingredient" in Calorad® Advanced. Twenty-four percent of the dry protein weight of the human body is collagen. The primary amino acid in collagen is L-hydroxyproline, a non-essential amino acid. "Non-essential" does not mean that the human body does not require it for good health. It means that the body can produce it in limited quantities. Production of collagen is reduced and slowed as we age. Collagen is essential for the suppleness of the skin, and helps to maintain the strength and integrity of joints. As we age, we lose collagen and begin to sag and droop. The collagen in our joints is degraded and we develop osteoarthritis. Collagen is also the "carrier molecule" for HGH, or human Growth Hormone. Collagen helps transport HGH into the cell (to assist in repairing and rebuilding the cell) much like insulin transports glucose into the cell. HGH is essential for maintaining youthful lean muscle. Lean muscle burns calories (50 calories per hour for every pound of lean muscle), whereas fat does not any calories. One tablespoon of Calorad® PM on an empty stomach right before going to sleep provides optimum utilization by the body. When the body is in a state of balance, it is much like a car that is well maintained. People begin eating less, choosing healthier foods, and they become more prone to exercise—even those who have never exercised previously. Because Calorad® Advanced is safe and effective (not requiring dangerous caloric restrictions and not containing dangerous herbal stimulants), many chiropractic, naturopathic and medical doctors are currently utilizing Calorad® Advanced personally and professionally as a part of their total health care program.

What are the Benefits of Calorad® Advanced?

The first and original collagen weight loss product with a track record of over 20 years of safety and success 
No dangerous herbal stimulants. 
Targets belly fat that causes heart disease. 
No lean muscle loss. Builds lean muscle and helps maintain it. 
Helps shorten work-out recovery time. Taken before a workout gives added energy. 
No dieting is necessary. Restricted calorie diets are not recommended. 
Replaces collagen as we age... therefore, slows the aging process. 
No exercise is necessary, but is recommended. 
Safe, all-natural with no known side-effects. 
Helps to maintain vitality and improved energy levels. 
Helps to maintain the body’s ability to utilize fats. 
Provides collagen for joint health. 
Provides collagen for lustrous hair and strong nails. 
Promotes a sense of well-being. 
Helps to improve sleep. 
Using Calorad® along with any health regimen or exercise program may help to increase these benefits. 

How is the Calorad® Used?

You take a tablespoon (one ounce) of Calorad® Advanced with 2-7 ounces of water at bedtime, and live your normal life. That's it. Calorad® Advanced works while you sleep. WITHOUT dieting or meal-skipping. Calorad® Advanced works with or without the human will! Could it be any simpler?!! When you lose fat, you look great, as well as having more energy and stamina. 
For daytime use, take one tablespoon prior to meals. 

What Can I Expect?

The beauty of the Calorad® Advanced program is that it is simple. The only behavioral shift necessary is the cessation of food intake three hours prior to sleep, which alone is a very healthy behavioral shift. In most diets, the behavior modification is to deprive the body of calories or specific food groups (like carbohydrates or fats). This leads to perhaps some quick-fix weight reduction, but frequently results in the loss of lean muscle mass which is imperative for efficient food processing and burning of calories. In most diets, 30% of lean muscle mass is sacrificed for weight loss. This is why those diets do not work in the long run, and why 95% of dieters gain back the weight lost and often gain even more weight! With Calorad® Advanced, the building of lean muscle is what ultimately causes the weight reduction and, consequently, people lose inches as well as pounds. That is why we encourage Calorad® Advanced users to measure themselves as well as weigh themselves. Many people lose inches before they ever lose a pound, fitting differently in their clothes or perhaps dropping a dress/pant size without noticing any changes on the scale. In fact, there are those who initially put on weight, but lose inches because muscle weighs two times as much as fat.

The results show up differently in different people. Some will experience noticeable results in the first week and some, not until the third month. Some will lose steadily at a very slow rate (for instance one pound every two weeks) and some will plateau out for a while. Calorad® Advanced works differently for different body types. Some Calorad® Advanced users note that their body seems to use the collagen to do repair work (on the skin, joints, etc) before beginning to facilitate weight loss. Since Calorad® Advanced is NOT a drug, your body will use it first where it needs it most. A small percentage of the population, estimated at around 14%, will experience no weight reduction with Calorad® Advanced for reasons ranging from latent thyroid problems to personal chemistry. Those people, however, will benefit from the ingredients in Calorad® Advanced in the same way they benefit from taking vitamin or mineral supplements. There is no "wrong experience" with the product. At a minimum, Calorad® Advanced is a ninety-day program to experience the full range of benefits applicable to your body's potential."

How is Calorad® Advanced Most Effective?

Recommendation: One half ounce (one tablespoon) of Calorad® Advanced should be taken with 2-6 ounces of water on a 3-hours empty stomach immediately prior to turning off the lights at bed-time. You may also take Calorad® Advanced by itself or with less water before bedtime. If you are going to read for awhile, just keep the glass of Calorad® Advanced and water on your night-stand until you are ready to go to sleep. In the studies conducted on Calorad® Advanced, people were most successful taking Calorad® Advanced in this night-time manner. Calorad® Advanced works to sustain daytime energy levels when taken in the above "night-time" manner, and this may give some people additional energy necessary to maintain a good exercise schedule, causing additional weight loss. Calorad® Advanced may be taken during the daytime prior to meals if you were unable to take it at night because of late-night snacking, or a late dinner. Taken during the daytime, prior to meals, helps with appetite suppression so you eat less of the meal to reduce caloric intake. For appetite suppression, with your meals, Calorad® Advanced should be taken one half hour before meals. Athletes can take Calorad® Advanced forty-five minutes to a half-hour before working out to support endurance and strength.

How Can I Take Calorad® Advanced for Energy and Stamina?

Calorad® Advanced works to sustain day-time energy levels when taken at bed-time. Part of the reason may be improved sleep reported by many people taking Calorad®. For endurance and stamina Calorad® Advanced can also be taken during the day approximately one half hour before meals. Athletes can take Calorad® forty-five minutes to a half hour before working out to support endurance and strength, and to provide protein necessary for muscle-building.

How Should I Take Calorad® Advanced if I Do Not Want to Lose Weight?

Calorad® Advanced is primarily a nutritional supplement. Individuals who need to lose excess pounds and inches experience these results with Calorad® Advanced because it supports the body in building lean muscle mass and, consequently, burning fats and sugars more efficiently. Calorad® Advanced is not exclusively for any one body type, however, it can be taken by all physical types alike as a strength optimizer and nutritional support product. For individuals taking Calorad® Advanced as a nutritional supplement, either of the above methods are appropriate for use. Anorexic persons often have a high percentage of body fat and very little lean muscle. Calorad® supplementation has not been associated with a loss of lean muscle as have many diets. Lean muscle gains are as healthy and as important for thin people as they are for obese individuals. It is important not to go on a "starvation diet" when taking Calorad® Advanced, or use Calorad® Advanced as a meal replacement. That is not how it works, and that is why Calorad® is safe for people wanting to lose fat, or for those who just want to gain lean muscle.

Can I take Calorad® Advanced if I'm taking other vitamins and minerals or prescription medications?

Calorad® Advanced works with virtually all other nutritional supplements, that's the great part. We suggest that if you take other nutritional supplements, that you take them with your last meal to maximize the efficacy of Calorad® Advanced. Calorad® Advanced works best when there is no other activity in the digestive system. If you are on medication, it is best to take it as prescribed by your doctor. If your doctor has told you to take a medication at bed-time, try to take your medicine first, and then wait 30-45 minutes to an hour prior to taking Calorad® right before your head hits your pillow. If you have any questions about the compatibility of your medication with Calorad®, we suggest you take your bottle of Calorad® to the health practitioner of your choice and ask him or her for advice before proceeding.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect in the First 30 days?

Most customers report inch loss, increased energy, increase in lean muscle and tone, cellulite decrease, smoother more supple skin, better sleep, loss of arthritic pain, increase in stamina all day, etc. Those who have less inch loss or weight to lose may not experience as dramatic and profound weight or inch loss as someone who has a lot of weight to lose. That's why we always suggest trying Calorad® Advanced for a minimum of 3 months. Almost all will Calorad® users experience better sleep, improved over-all fitness, muscle toning, and increased energy. We encourage you to pay close attention to the positive transformations in your body. The results vary from individual to individual.

What Happens if Calorad® Advanced doesn't "seem to be working"?

Statistically...almost 9 out of 10 Calorad® Advanced users (based on clinical experience in over 600 obese patients taking Calorad® Advanced) will experience successful weight or inch loss. The average weight loss was 10 pounds (40% more than was seen with another "copy cat" collagen supplement), and many users lost significantly more weight. The important thing to remember, that this weight loss is almost entirely fat. Not lean muscle or water weight as is seen in almost all calorie-restriction and fad diets. If you are not seeing an increase in lean muscle along with a loss of fat or inches... contact us for a free consultation during this time. Several factors may inhibit fat or inch loss with Calorad® Advanced, including a sluggish thyroid gland, candidas infection, mineral insufficiencies, inadequate water intake, exposure to certain environmental toxins, and some parasitic infections. Some Calorad® Advanced users with collagen degenerative diseases such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis report that they are slower to lose weight with Calorad®. Their body may be using the collagen for repair and rebuilding before it is utilized for weight loss in these individuals. Once important tip is to put the scale away and pay attention to how you are feeling, the inches you have lost, and how you fit in your clothes. Always remember that even if you are the 1 person in 10 that Calorad® will not work for, the product has other health benefits, and many people choose to take Calorad® simply because of the way they feel.

Who should NOT take Calorad® Advanced?

There is no known medical reason that certain people should NOT take Calorad®. Because Calorad® was not tested in young children (less than 12) or in pregnant or breast feeding women, you should ask your doctor in these circumstances whether Calorad® is right for you.

Are there diseases or conditions where Calorad® Advanced should not be taken?

There is no known medical reason that certain people should NOT take Calorad®. If you have any medical questions, you should ask your doctor in these circumstances whether Calorad® is right for you.

Is there a Guarantee?

We Guarantee Fresh Product with a 2 year expiration date. Our products are shipped from Nutri Diem who is the manufacturer of the Calorad and Agrisept products. We pledge to offer you the best quality products and we deliver! We guarantee the quality on everything we sell. If you should receive any product that is damaged, leaking due to a broken seal or damaged in transport, you will get product replacement. If you receive damaged product, call for a return number and address to return the product for a replacement.

If for ANY reason a package needs returned or exchanged, please contact us first for authorization, arrangements, and for the correct return address.

What Happens if Someone Gains Weight While Taking Calorad®?

Since there are only 12 calories in each tablespoon of Calorad®, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that anyone would ever gain FAT on Calorad®. You would have to drink 10 bottles (1.3 gallons) of Calorad® to consume enough excess calories to gain one pound of weight. However, Calorad® works by causing a gain in LEAN MUSCLE. This beneficial gain in lean muscle mass allows the body to burn 50 additional calories per hour (at rest) for each pound of lean muscle gained. Occasionally, people may gain one or two pounds of weight in the first month of using Calorad®...this is GOOD because unless you have radically increased the amount of food you are consuming, the weight gain is almost ALWAYS due to gains in lean muscle. In the next month, the pounds will often start to come off because this extra lean muscle is assisting you in the burning of FAT.

It is important that the scale not be the judge of success with Calorad® (especially in your first month of taking Calorad®) because lean muscle weighs more than fat. We suggest that you put the scale away and pay attention to inches lost and the way that you fit into your clothing. Sometimes people put on weight initially with Calorad® because the change in their body's muscle composition reflects as pounds on the scale. These same people, however, often report inch reduction and muscle tone that attests to the building of their bodies in a positive way.

What if I don't like the taste?

Although we rarely hear that, some folks do not like the lemonade or pink lemonade flavoring in Calorad®. Here are our suggestions. You can hold your nose and the quarter of a second experience will be over quickly. Or you can dilute your Calorad® in 8 ounces of water. Or you can keep your Calorad® in the refrigerator or mix Calorad® with ice-cold water. Any of these alternatives minimizes the "taste" experience of Calorad®.

Why are Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate in Calorad®?

Potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate are both extracts from blueberries and used as preservatives. Potassium sorbate is the lactone acid from blueberries and acts as a natural preservative in Calorad®. Sodium benzoate acts as a bonding agent as well as an anti-fungal and natural preservative. It is used widely in foods and pharmaceuticals and is generally recognized as a safe (GRAS) food additive and preservative. GRAS is the same classification given by the FDA to vitamin C. The presence of these products insures a long shelf-life for your bottle of Calorad®.

Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Calorad® Advanced is a food supplement containing 10 calories, 3 grams (3000 mg) of protein, 0 grams of fat and 0 grams of carbohydrate per 1-tablespoon serving. The collagen hydrolysate in Calorad® is extracted from certified beef or fish. The product is inspected for purity before use. Calorad® Advanced is a clear, liquid food supplement (but NOT a meal replacement plan) with natural lemonade and orange flavor, and containing 10 calories, 3 grams of protein, 0 grams of fat and 0 grams of carbohydrate per 1-tablespoon serving. Calorad® contains no herbal or chemical stimulants. The primary "active" ingredient in Calorad® Advanced is collagen hydrolysate (hydrolyzed collagen) which is extracted from either certified Canadian beef or Tilapia fish. The beef and fish versions taste the same. They do not taste like beef or fish. They have a pleasant lemonade and orange flavoring. The product is inspected for purity, packaged into 1/2 liter bottles, and has a shelf-life of approximately 2 years. The source of collagen is connective tissue found between the meat and skin (in cows) and between the flesh and bone in fish. The hydrolyzed (pre-digested) collagen in Calorad® Advanced is not remarkably different from the collagen supplied by gelatin products such as Jello®, however is much more refined and concentrated, and is made primarily from the very best type-2 collagen, whereas gelatin products may have a mixture of all types and qualities of collagen.

Each bottle of Calorad® contains:

INGREDIENTS: Due to new changes in Canadian Government laws, all ingredients in Canadian made products have to be individually listed. Calorad Advanced contains protein which is broken down into individual proteins listed below. This proves fresh product.

Active Ingredients:
Collagen Hydrolysate [bovine or marine] (340 mg)
Glycine (1670 mg)
L-Lysine HCL (987 mg)
Hydroxyproline (44 mg)
L-Arginine (15 mg)
L-Glutamine (15 mg)
Aloe Vera EXT 200:1 (10 mg).

Other ingredients: water, glycerin, sodium benzoate (preservative from fruit source), potassium sorbate (preservative from fruit source), natural lemonade and orange flavor, citric acid. Total Carbohydates 0. For your protection, each individual Calorad® bottle is plastic vacuum sealed, and has a shelf life of approximately 2 years. 

About the Calorad® Developer

In 1981, Michel Grise, a brilliant Canadian formulator who was working for Abbott laboratories of Canada at the time, was asked to formulate a product that would eliminate the "fatty syndrome" in poultry. Fat chickens stop laying eggs, and their meat has lower market value.Michel developed a dry collagen-based formula that was completely safe as a feed additive, fed the product to the chickens, and within days, the fat was gone and the chickens and the chicken farmers were happy!!

Due to the dramatic success of the product, Michel decided to reformulate the product for humans, naming it, " Calorad®". Michel tested Calorad® on himself and had an internal medicine physician monitor his progress and the safety of the product. The doctor was amazed at Michel's results. Michel lost 30 pounds of fat without losing any lean muscle. In fact, to his excitement, he gained lean muscle in his chest. Michel reported to us: "By simply taking a tablespoon of Calorad® with a glass of water on an empty stomach each night just prior to going to sleep, I lost fat, weight and gained more muscle tone.

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